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Friday, October 9, 2009

You Sound Like You're Sick

I'm sick! I've been chugging Emergen-C like a fiend and washing my hands every 5 minutes, but my weak-ass immune system doesn't care. I used to never get sick and now I get sick all the time. I'm glad I don't have class today. I hate missing class. However, because other people do have class (or go home for the weekend), no one is around to watch Time Bandits with me.

Anyways, on Tuesday (another day off, hooray!) I made some coffe cake muffins. These muffins were so good that Katie proposed marriage. We're getting married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator. I'm so glad we share common wedding dreams. (I'm serious, the only way I will agree to marriage is if it can be in Vegas, by an Elvis impersonator. Or at Voodoo Doughnuts. I'm a little bit flexible.) They're really, really good.They're not the most gorgeous things I've ever made but I'm not a decorator. Plus they're delicious.

P.S. You know you go to Evergreen when you go down to the corner store to get some yoghurt or sour cream for your muffins and all you can find is Tofutti dairy-free sour cream.
People keep inviting me to shows and stuff and it's really weird because it's not like we're really friends or anything. I'm always suspicious when people invite me to stuff. I'm afraid they just want to humiliate me and dump pig blood on me and then I'll have to unleash my telekinetic powers and wreak havoc on the prom and I really hope you've seen Carrie or else this sounds crazy. Maybe I should just get over it and go. Maybe people do actually want to be my friend.

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  1. It was good.
    You would probably like it, it wasn't amazing IMO but it was really good.
    Quite funny.