"I'm going to turn dining back into eating / I like food / Food tastes good"--Descendents

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I finally got it together & made something today! Just a quick coffee cake from the Bisquick cookbook. (Yes, I know Bisquick is technically cheating & using a mix but my first forays into baking were Bisquick cheese biscuits. Sentimental, yo.)

I mixed & baked this cake entirely one handed. You see, a seal wearing a bow tie bit off one hand. Actually, I was on the phone with Amy, discussing deep fried food. For an hour. I really, really, really like fried stuff. I will probably die young, but I will die with a full & happy belly.

I didn't think to take a picture of the cake, so here's a picture of an adorable latte I got when in Vancouver, BC last summer.

How cute is that? I'd love to be able to do coffee art.

As far as my actual life goes, I've been dealing with an emotional vampire & it's driving me batty (har har har). I wish my hair would grow faster. I wish I was back in Olympia! I miss my far-away friends.

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humanity

It's been way too hot & I've been way too lazy to cook anything that requires it. I've been spending my days reading comic books in my room with the fan on high power. I've been wearing the exact same clothes for like, the past 4 days--cutoffs, black t-shirt, moccasins. I'm slowly becoming a crusty. Maybe I should stop showering & start listening to like, Aus-Rotten or Leftover Crack.

Sidebar: I was actually kind of into Leftover Crack in high school but I just kind of got burned out on them & moved on. Then this dude I was sorta-kinda-not really friends with gave me some music by Star Fucking Hipsters which involves members of LoC & then I started listening to them again.

I always rag on crusties but I secretly love them. I'm just really into hygiene & dairy products & knowing you always have a place to sleep.

I think when I have my own house, I want to raise chickens & bees. And live with like 20 other people. I dig the idea of collectives & communes. Which is weird because I can be super reclusive. I think I secretly think that if I live with a shit ton of rad folks, I'll all of a sudden get social.

Uh, let's see, I've been growing my hair for 3 months & it's getting pretty long. I look older, by which I mean I look the age I actually am.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dog Days

Remember the ugly pug painting I was talking about? I went back to Marshall's yesterday afternoon with my aunt & bought it. I've been staring at it ever since. It really is quite hideous in the best way possible.

Look at those sad eyes! Now imagine them staring at you while you sit in my living room.

I know that my decorating sense (a shrine to all things kitschy & tacky--I adore black velvet paintings) may not appeal to some or all people, but I can't help it. I'm also going back to Ross for tiki face cups. Because I am totally 70 years old. And batshit crazy. Come over & we'll have tea out on the lanai.

I'm so excited to have a whole apartment to decorate (well, co-decorate--I have 3 roommates) in the fall! Because it's still campus housing, it's ugly as sin, so I will have to jazz it up a little bit. I'll have to hit up the Goodwill when I get there to find more eyesores. And by "eyesores" I mean "beauties."

By the way, if anyone dares to say anything derogatory about my darling pug, I'm going to say that I painted it.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Strawberry Cupcakes

I made these a couple days ago. They're also from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. That book rocks. I want to rip out all the cupcake pictures & frame them. Especially because I passed on a hideous painting of a sad-eyed pug wearing a jacket at Marshall's today. I might go back & get it, it was only $9.99 & would provide me hours of amusement. Almost as much amusement as the anatomically correct pug statuette Emily & I bought for Kara from Goodwill.

Anyways, the cake part of these is awesome, despite the fact that I almost lost a finger chopping strawberries into tiny pieces. I was so fed up with it that I only put in half what the recipe called for. My sister ate like 3 before I even made the frosting.

The frosting...eh. It's not totally disgusting, but it's definitely not how I wanted it to turn out, but I'm not quite sure what's off about it.

I guess I'll have to buy ugly dog paintings to make myself feel better.
The good part.

Fresh strawberries from the farmers' market! I also bought olive oil, parsley, blackberries (which I ate all by myself), & a block of cheese (which I also ate all by myself because I have a dairy problem).