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Thursday, September 24, 2009

C is for Cookie

So I'm back at college, (almost) all moved into the on-campus apartment I share with 3 of my friends. (One of whom loves to cook--even more than I do! Last night we made a fabulous egg drop soup. So easy. Easy as pie, which is the dumbest expression ever because pie is super time consuming, so not that easy. Easy as egg drop soup. And one of whom loves hair metal as much as me.)

Classes start on Monday. (Eep! I'm not ready! Not all my textbooks have gotten here yet!)

Anyways, on to the foodstuffs. Last night I was watching Glee (which I am mad about--if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?) when the cooking roommate (Katie) popped out & asked if I'd like a beer. Please, is that even a question? 2 1/2 Newcastles later, I was pretty tipsy (I'm such a lightweight. I don't drink very often, and I'm not a particularly large girl. Height-wise, I'm kind of a beast, but I don't weigh all that much.) We wanted cake, but we didn't have the ingredients for it, or a cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater cake mix, so we decided on chocolate chip cookies, which we didn't have the ingredients for either. A quick Google search later, I'd found this recipe. They turned out great. However, a warning--they don't give you a baking time! The timing is very vague & it varies. Ours were slightly burned on the bottom (but we were slightly intoxicated so it's okay). But they're still delicious!

Check out that perfectly round shape. These are some gaaaw-geous cookies.

And our stove, which is way nicer than my stove at home.

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